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Online Photo Inventory

Manage Appointments Online

Packing Help

Packing Materials

Furniture Disassembly

Appointment Management

Schedule an order (Pickup or Delivery)

Reschedule an appointment

Add or remove items from an appointment

Cancel an appointment

Update the contact info for an appointment

Update the address for an appointment

Appointment Availability

What can be Stored

Prohibited Items and Conditions

Can I store appliances?

Can I store furniture?

Who is responsible for packing delicate items and valuables?


Will I be charged for large or fragile items?

How does the deposit work?

How does Clutter handle billing?

How do I update my billing information?

What if my payment is late?

Can I store my stuff for one month or less?

Is there a limit to the number of appointments I can schedule?

Security & Protection

Can I declare a value for my items being moved?

How do I know my stuff is in good hands?

Are my items stored in a secure facility?

What is the policy if one of my items is damaged or lost?

Can I purchase extra protection for my storage plan?

Will the protection plan cover everything?

How do you protect my credit card information?

General Questions

E-Sign Disclosure and Authorization

Does Clutter provide state required consumer brochures?

Is Customer Care available to help?

I moved outside the service area. How do I get my stored items back?

How does Clutter work?

Does Clutter provide a Certificate of Insurance?

How is Clutter different from self-storage?

Can Clutter donate or dispose of my items?

Can I help move my items?

Should I tip my movers?

Can Clutter help me move other items that aren’t going to storage?

What areas does Clutter serve?

What if I won’t be there for my appointment?

Can I visit my stuff in storage?

Do I have to pay for fuel or drive time?

When will my Move & Pack Team arrive?

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